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We believe that all digital marketers are technical marketers. That is why we created the Technical Marketing Handbook – so that all marketers can confidently navigate the technical intricacies of their field. We hope that this Handbook is only the beginning: the spark that lights the fire in you to learn more

Bridging the gap between non-technical and technical

Creating this Handbook has been a passion project for us. Over the years, we’ve encountered individuals eager to expand their technical knowledge, whether to advance their careers or to improve cross-team communication within their organizations. We’ve also found ourselves in similar situations before. It led us to think, “If only there was a concise resource available – something to help people figure out where to start learning and what to focus on.”

Lifelong learning

The Technical Marketing Handbook covers concepts and terminology that we know through extensive work experience in the field. We’ve lived, worked, and educated our way through all the biggest paradigm shifts of the last 15 years. We have seen how digital marketing is becoming more technical by the day, with advances in cloud technologies, big data mining, machine learning, and data regulations. As the field and technology keeps evolving we keep on evolving and learning as well. Our aim with the Technical Marketing Handbook is to ignite your curiosity and fuel your passion for continuous learning.