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Technical Marketing

For beginners and seasoned marketers alike, our handbook is a comprehensive journey through technical marketing principles.

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Doing great "digital marketing" requires an understanding of the technologies and mechanisms that power our websites, marketplaces, brands and browsers. The Technical Marketing Handbook by Simmer provides a great overview of those moving parts and gives you everything you need to start going deeper into technical marketing.
Jono Alderson
Jono Alderson
Technical SEO Consultant
If you have found this handbook, count yourself lucky as you've just stumbled on an invaluable resource for any technical marketer. A well researched and in-depth handbook on the basic knowledge any marketer should have.
Siobhan Solberg
Data Privacy Consultant
Team Simmer have nailed this handbook. They have distilled complex and technical problems into a clear and concise set of pages, it's a great read and one that I'm sure will benefit many careers.
Paul Boocock
Paul Boocock
Senior Manager, Data Engineering
Wow, what a masterpiece this handbook is. The art of giving. The art of technical quality. I more than happily reviewed the CRO chapter (it's an important one!).
Ton Wesseling
Ton Wesseling
Specialist in Conversion Optimization and Digital Experimentation

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The Technical Marketing Handbook has been written and edited by Simo and Mari Ahava, the co-founders of Simmer. Their extensive expertise in digital marketing and education (20+ years combined) has made it possible to create this handbook for the benefit of the entire technical marketing community.